E-Delivery services allow users to exchnage their files with other registered or unregistered users.


User is able to send and receive messages containing one or more files attached to a single message. Those messages are visible in separate lists:

User is able to:

By selecting a message user is able to see full message details and perform additional actions specific to a message.

New message

User can send new message containing attached files to another user (registered or unregistered).

Before sending the message user has to provide message details:

Recipients can be selected from user's address book or global directory. User can also add manually entered recipient's e-mail address.

Optionally, user can choose to protect uploaded files with a manually entered password. The attached files will be archived to a single ZIP file and protected with provided password.

Uploading file may take some time (depending on total files size). User can monitir uploading progress in a popup window raised by the application while uploading is progress.

Once the message is sent its details will be presented to the user.

Update message

User is able to update his sent messages:

By extending message availability duration its current lifetime is extended for submitted number of days.

Forward message

User is able to forward his sent messages. Forwarding a message initiates new message creation containing data from original message.

User has to define recipients list, but he can keep original message subject, body and message duration.

User is not able to change list of files that are attached to forwarder message.


User is able to create upload token for another user (registered on unregistered) allowing him to send his file to a token creator. A token recipient is able to send one or more messages related to a single token (depending on token creation properties).

User is able to search or delete sent tokens via sent tokens list.

New token

User is able to create new upload token by providing following details:

By creating new upload token the recipient will receive a notification containing URL and instructions to send messages to token owner.

Update token

User is able update previously sent upload token:

Token messages

Token recipient is able to send one or more messages related to received token. The token messages are sent in a same manner as regular messages, without ability to define recipients.

During the token validity recipient is able to see list of sent messages related to selected token.

Sending a message related to a token is possible regardless the user is logged-in or not to the system.


Messages and tokens have their own lifetime specified via their creation or update forms. After they expire, they are not available anymore for the users (either sender or recipients). The system will remove them automatically.