Users are able to login by submitting their credentials in the login form, regardless of their account type.

In case invalid credentials are submitted or a user account does not exist, the user gets an appropriate message displayed.

Otherwise the user is loged into the system successfully. The first screen that is displayed is the user's dashboard.

Enter user account credentials to login


Users are able to additionally secure their account login with 2 Factor Authentication.

Depending on the configured level of security, the system will send a confirmation code that the user must enter after submitting valid credentials, in order to access his account.

Submit 2FA secure code

A login secure code is valid for 2 minutes.

Reset password

Users are able to reset their password by providing their username (e-mail address) in the form.

Once the form is submitted, users will get an e-mail message with instructions on how to reset their password.

Submit username to get instructions