Signing workflows management

The Sign service allows users to upload PDF documents and invite one or more persons to digitally sign uploaded document. The signature operations are tracked via each document workflow.


User is able to manage workflows involvimng one or more persons to sign a workflow document.

User can see the list of his own workflows and filter them by workflow status and creation date.

Workflow statuses are:

Workflows list

User starts the new workflow by selecting "New Signing Workflow" button on the Workflows screen.

Create workflow

In order to create a signing workflow the user has to upload PDF document to the system. The file can be uploaded using the "Drag and drop" mechanism, or by clicking the "Choose PDF document" button and selecting the file from local storage.

Upload a PDF document

The maximum size of the uploaded file cannot exceed the available storage size of the user in the system.

The maximum uploading file size is limited to 5MB.

Workflow details

Once the document is uploaded user can define specific workflow details:

NOTE: Document archive type option is available for companies with archiving option enabled.

Set workflow details

User is able to proceed to the next step by selecting button Next.


Workflow signers are defined by selecting button in the left pane:

A modal with signer details is raised and needs to be populated.

Signature provider

Signature provider dropdown suggests the way signer will sign the document. The provider can be one of the following options:

Each provider requires separate data set to be provided for a signer.

One-time certificate requires following fields to be provided:

Local qualified certificate requires following fields to be provided:

Remote qualified certificate requires following fields to be provided:

Signature position

After the signer details are populated the signature placeholder marker is displayed in the document.

Default signature position is in the top-left corner of the current document page. Signature position marker can be moved to desired location and must be confirmed by selecting "Confirm position" button.

Signers management

Workflow can involve as many signers as needed.

It is possible to modify or remove the signer by selecting the ... button next to the signer.

Message for signers

Specialized message can be sent to all signers in the workflow. It is provided by selecting the button Global custom message to launch the modal form.

The message should be entered to the texbox and saved.

Review and confirm

Workflow summary is displayed to the user suggesting to confirm the workflow creation.

By selecting button "Confirm" a workflow gets created and notifies signers about coming action via e-mail service. The first signer receives a link in the e-mail message and can use it to launch signing process in the browser.

Edit draft workflow

In case the workflow creation is not confirmed, the workflow still remains in the workflows list with the status Draft.

User is able to continue editing an existing workflow or delete it from the workflows list.

Created workflow details

Once the workflow is created its details are presented to the user.