Issue timestamp token for a file

Timestamping service allows users to issue a timestamp token as a proof of file integrity.

User is able to choose either to upload whole file or only file's digest calculated externally.

Upload a file

Users are able to obtain а digital timestamp token for any type of file by uploading it to the system. The file can be uploaded using "Drag and drop" mechanism, or by clicking the "Choose a file" button and selecting the file from a local storage.

Submit file digest

Users are able to obtain а digital timestamp token for a digest of desired file. The digest must be calculated externally, for example using sha256sum command line program.

Submitted digest must be HEX-encoded string.

Along with the HEX-encoded digest user has to provide information about algorithm used to calculate the digest.


Before performing the operation, users are able to review the total service costs that will be charged once the timestamp token is issued.

Download the timestamp token

After submitting the operation via the "Timestamp" button, the system will issue a timestamp token and offer it to the user for downloading.


When a user is using additional services security he will be asked to submit the authorization code sent by the system.

If the submitted secure code is valid, the system will perform the operation. Otherwise the user will be notified about the invalid user input.

Secure code is valid for 2 minutes after it is sent to the user.